Product Suggestions

Thank you for visiting our New Product Suggestion page!  Innovation has been key to REP’s success over the years, and we would love to check out your idea.

Great Advice!  So many of our customers give us amazing feedback that furthers our development along… small things like a knob to increase the stability of our GHD, or UHMW on another piece to protect the metal.  We love this feedback and greatly encourage it!

Free Gear:  Often times if someone sees another product and they know with a few tweaks it would be great, we will give them the first one off the line when production starts.  E.G. “Check out competitor X’s bench… if they just changed xyz, it would be so much better!”

Meetings, Patents, & NDAs:  Unfortunately, we get many product suggestions on a daily basis, so we cannot set up a phone call/meeting/sign an NDA for every single suggestion sent to us.  Therefore, please try to be as  specific as possible when suggesting a new product, as general information or a request to sign an NDA prior to information being sent will be skipped over.  We will however keep it strictly confidential within our product development team.  If an idea warrants an NDA after we get enough information, we can progress to that step.

Don’t be discouraged!  Whether a new product is a great idea is very subjective, and whether it fits in our lineup adds another layer on top of that.  So if you don’t hear from us, don’t be discouraged!

We will look at every submission.

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