REP Product ETAs

We have compiled a comprehensive list of ETAs for our most popular items and when significant amounts will be restocked.

Date ranges below are estimates and may change. This page will have the most accurate information available and we will be updating it regularly. We will not be able to provide a specific date and time of availability for any products.

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ProductCategoryArrival Range 1:Arrival Range 2:
Iron PlatesPlates1/27-2/3 (CO & PA)2/14-2/20 (CO & PA)
Black Bumper PlatesPlates1/18-1/23 (CO)2/3-2/9 (CO)
Color Bumper PlatesPlates1/18-1/23 (CO)2/17-2/22 (CO)
Rubber Coated PlatesPlates1/15-1/21 (CO)2/9-2/15 (CO)
Competition (LB)Plates1/20-1/26 (CO)3/10-3/15 (CO)
Competition (KG)Plates1/20-1/26 (CO)3/10-3/15 (CO)
Urethane Coated EqualizersPlates2/9-2/15 (CO)2/24-3/1 (CO)
Equalizer Iron PlatesPlates2/26-3/1 (PA)3/3-3/8 (CO)
Change Plates (LB)Plates3/15-3/25 (CO & PA)3/29-4/5 (CO & PA)
Change Plates (KG)Plates3/15-3/25 (CO & PA)3/29-4/5 (CO & PA)
PR-1000Racks2/14-2/18 (PA)2/24-2/30 (CO)
PR-1050Racks3/12-3/18 (CO)4/14-4/20 (CO)
PR-1100Racks1/18-1/24 (CO)2/1-2/8 (CO)
PR-4000RacksMonthly Arrivals - Limited StockN/A
PR-4100 Folding RackRacks2/26-3/1 (CO)4/11-4/16 (CO)
PR-5000 V2RacksMonthly Arrivals - Limited StockN/A
HR-5000RacksComing Soon!
SR-4000RacksComing Soon!
AB-5000Benches2/27-3/2 (PA)3/11-3/16 (PA)
AB-5000 Leg AttachmentBench Attachment1/18-1/23 (CO)2/14-2/20 (CO)
AB-5200Benches1/18-1/23 (CO)1/27-2/1 (CO)
AB-5100Benches2/28-3/3 (PA)4/15-4/21 (CO & PA)
AB-3000Benches1/18-1/23 (CO)2/1-2/8 (CO & PA)
AB-3100Benches1/27-2/1 (CO)2/1-2/7 (CO & PA)
FB-5000Benches1/18-1/22 (CO)2/4-2/10 (PA)
FB-5050Benches1/27-2/2 (CO & PA)2/16-2/21 (CO & PA)
FB-4000Benches1/25-1/30 (PA)2/3-2/10 (CO)
FB-3000Benches1/19-1/23 (CO)1/25-2/1 (CO & PA)
Rubber Hex 5-50lb SetDumbbells1/18-1/23 (CO)1/27-2/2 (CO)
Rubber Hex 5-75lb SetDumbbells1/20-1/29 (CO)2/7-2/12 (CO)
Rubber Hex 5-100lb SetDumbbells1/21-1/28 (CO)2/1-2/8 (CO)
Rubber Grip 5-50 SetDumbbells1/27-2/3 (CO)2/14-2/20 (CO)
Rubber Grip 5-75 SetDumbbellsTBDTBD
Rubber Hex PairsDumbbells1/18-1/23 (CO)1/30-2/4 (CO)
Rubber Grip Hex PairsDumbbells1/27-2/2 (CO)2/27-3/3 (CO & PA)
Adjustable DBsDumbbells3/10-3/15 (CO & PA)3/28-4/3 (CO & PA)
Round Urethane PairsDumbbells1/29-2/4 (CO)4/17-4/22 (CO)
Round Urethane DBs 5-50 SetDumbbells2/1-2/7 (CO)4/1-4/8 (CO)
Round Urethane DBs 5-100 setDumbbells1/19-1/25 (CO)3/28-4/3 (CO)
Basic BarbellBarbell2/1-2/7 (PA)4/10-4/15 (CO & PA)
Sabre BarbellBarbell1/27-2/2 (CO)3/28-4/3 (CO)
Sabre - No Center KnurlBarbell1/21-1/27 (CO)2/24-3/2 (PA)
Black SabreBarbell1/29-2/5 (CO & PA)3/28-4/3 (CO)
PowerbarBarbell2/14-2/20 (CO)3/25-3/31 (PA)
Powerbar EXBarbell2/7-2/13 (CO)3/25-3/30 (CO & PA)
Curl BarBarbell2/1-2/8 (CO)4/28-5/3 (CO)
Curl Bar SSBarbell1/27-2/2 (PA)3/28-4/1 (CO)
Rackable Curl BarBarbell1/27-2/1 (CO)2/1-2/8 (CO)
Rackable Curl Bar SSBarbell3/28-4/2 (CO)4/19-4/24 (PA)
Gladiator MXBarbell2/5-2/11 (CO & PA)5/9-5/14 (PA)
GladiatorBarbell2/2-2/8 (PA)3/25-3/30 (CO & PA)
ExcaliburBarbell5/9-5/14 (PA)5/17-5/23 (CO)
Trap BarBarbell1/25-1/31 (PA)3/28-4/3 (CO)
FT-5000Functional Trainer1/27-2/1 (CO)2/1-2/7 (CO)
FT-3000Functional Trainer1/27-2/1 (CO)2/1-2/7 (CO)
Cable AttachmentsAttachments1/22-1/30 (CO & PA)2/13-219 (PA)
1000-series Lat/Low RowAttachments3/20-3/27 (CO)5/5-5/10 (CO)
1000-Series J-cupsAttachment3/20-3/25 (CO)5/31-6/5 (CO)
1000-series weight storageAttachments2/1-2/8 (PA)3/20-3/26 (CO)
1000-Series Weight HornsAttachments1/21-1/27 (CO)2/7-2/13 (CO)
1000-series Dip AttachmentAttachments3/20-3/26 (CO)5/8-5/16 (CO)
PR-4000 Lat/Low RowAttachments3/12-3/18 (CO)5/2-5/10 (CO)
PR-4000 Rear Base StabilizerAttachments1/15-1/20 (CO)1/29-2/3 (CO)
PR-4000 Dip AttachmentAttachments3/4-3/10 (CO)3/26-4/1 (CO)
PR-4000 Landmine AttachmentAttachments2/14-2/20 (CO)2/22-3/2 (CO)
PR-4000 Leg RollerAttachment2/20-2/29 (CO)3/4-3/10 (CO)
PR-4000 Spotter ArmsAttachments3/16-3/21 (CO)3/26-4/1 (CO)
PR-4000 Standard Pull Up BarAttachments2/22-2/28 (CO & PA)4/18-4/24 (CO)
PR-4000 Multi-Grip Pull Up BarAttachments1/18-1/23 (CO)2/7-2/13 (CO)
PR-4000 Front Mount Globe Pull Up BarAttachmetns2/22-2/28 (CO)3/10-3/16 (CO)
PR-4000 Standard J-CupsAttachments1/20-1/26 (CO)2/20-2/26 (CO)
PR-4000 Flat Sandwich J-CupsAttachmentsFebruaryTBD
PR-4000 Rounded Sandwich J-CupsAttachmentsFebruaryTBD
PR-5000 V2 Lat/Low RowAttachments3/18-3/24 (CO)4/11-4/17 (CO)
PR-5000 V2 Rear Base Stabilizer Attachments2/2-2/8 (PA)2/7-2/13 (CO)
PR-5000 V2 Dip AttachmentAttachments2/14-2/20 (CO)3/16-3/21 (CO)
Landmine for Power RacksAttachments3/16-3/21 (CO)4/11-4/18 (CO)
PR-5000 V2 Leg RollerAttachment1/29-2/4 (CO)2/7-2/13 (CO)
PR-5000 Standard Pull Up BarAttachments1/21-1/28 (CO)3/4-3/10 (CO)
PR-5000 Multi-Grip Pull Up BarAttachments1/27-2/4 (CO & PA)2/1-2/8 (CO & PA)
PR-5000 Front Mount Globe Pull Up BarAttachments1/29-2/5 (CO)3/23-3/29 (CO)
PR-5000 Standard J-CupsAttachments3/16-3/24 (CO)3/28-4/2 (CO)
PR-5000 Flat Sandwich J-CupsAttachmentsFebruaryTBD
PR-5000 Rounded Sandwich J-CupsAttachmentsFebruaryTBD
PR-5000 Spotter ArmsAttachments3/23-3/29 (CO)4/11-4/18 (CO)
ISO ArmsAttachments2/1-2/8 (CO)TBD
Kettlebells (Kg)Conditioning1/15-1/21 (CO)1/31-2/5 (CO)
Kettlebells (Lbs)Conditioning1/15-1/21 (CO)2/18-2/23 (PA)
Adjustable KBsConditioning1/19-1/25 (CO)2/7-2/13 (CO)
Stall MatsFlooring1/18-1/24 (CO)2/8-2/14 (CO)
GHDConditioning3/25-3/31 (CO & PA)4/28-5/3 (CO)
Dumbbell Storage RackWeight Storage1/18-1/24 (CO)2/1-2/8 (PA)
Plate TreeWeight Storage3/26-2/2 (CO)4/13-4/19 (PA)
Wood RingsConditioning2/1-2/7 (CO)3/5-3/11 (PA)
Slam BallsConditioning1/15-1/21 (CO)2/1-2/8 (CO)
Med BallsConditioning1/27-2/2 (CO & PA)2/1-2/8 (CO)
SandbagsConditioning1/27-2/3 (CO)2/4-2/10 (CO & PA)
Battle RopesConditioning1/25-2/3 (PA)2/10-2/15 (CO & PA)
3-in-1 Soft Plyo BoxesConditioning1/21-1/28 (CO)1/29-2/5 (CO)
Adjustable Plyo BoxConditioning4/15-4/20 (CO & PA)5/8-5/14 (CO)
Soft Plyo BoxesConditioning1/29-2/4 (CO)2/2-2/28 (CO)